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1. How can I get general property data such as: year built, square footage, and building data?
2. How can I get general assessing information such as: taxpayer of record, parcel number, assessed value, taxable value and legal description?
3. I have just purchased a home in Redford and have been given forms to file with the Township. What do I need to do?
4. I have just purchased a home and understand I need to file some forms with the Township. What forms do I need to file and where can I obtain the forms?
5. I am thinking about purchasing a home in Redford Township, how can I estimate the amount of property tax I will be paying?
6. What is my tax rate?
7. How do I appeal my assessment?
8. How do I determine whether my parcel can be split or combined with additional parcels?
9. I am adding an addition/garage/deck/shed, etc. to my home. How much additional property tax will I have to pay?
10. What if I build a shed or other building addition without pulling a building permit, will my taxes increase?