Linda Jackson

Board of Trustees
Title: Trustee
Trustee Linda Jackson

In 2010 Linda Jackson moved to Redford. She loved living in this community and decided to make it her permanent home.  

Shortly after moving to Redford, Linda got busy working to make things better for her neighborhood.  One of her early projects was to become active in neighborhood association meetings, where she vowed to have the street where she lived fixed, which needed major repairs.  By rallying neighbors to call, write, and email every member of the Trustee Board, their efforts resulted in the street getting repaved. 

Linda decided to run for Trustee in 2016. She embraces Mahatma Gandhi's quote,” You must be willing to be the change you want to see”. 

Until 2016 there had never been any African American elected to the Redford Board of Trustees. Knowing this, Linda wanted to see black representation on the Board.  Despite this being her first time considering running for a political office, she ran for Trustee winning her first term in 2016, followed by being re-elected for a second term in 2020. 

Linda’s priority as a Trustee is to develop an attractive downtown for both residents and visitors.  Recognizing that Redford is surrounded by three cities, she wants the Township to coin the phrase, “The Town Where Cities Meet.”  Her vision is for Redford to become a destination instead of a pass-thru. 

According to Linda, one of the most rewarding parts of being a Trustee is having an open door for residents and businesses that allows her to help solve Township issues.  Having many years of business experience and a bachelor’s degree in accounting, keeping a close eye on the Township budget is a high priority for her. 

Outside of work, Linda is very active in her church, New St. Mark Baptist Church.  She is also an active member of the Western Wayne NAACP, serves as the Membership Director of the Redford Democratic Club, and a volunteer at Methodist Children's Home and Redford Interfaith.


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