Why were my building materials, cement, or auto parts not picked up?

Materials involved in construction or remodeling (including large boards, drywall, floor/ceiling tiles), cement, and auto parts/tires are not acceptable for pickup because of the damage that can occur to the sanitation vehicle's packer mechanism and are excluded as acceptable waste items under our waste hauling contract. Residents who need to dispose of these types of materials may use one of the two landfills listed below that are available to the public. We suggest you call first to find out the days/hours they are open and to find out what fees you will be charged, as they are subject to change. Tire stores will take used tires and there is usually a small cost associated with the disposal. Those with large amounts of construction or remodeling debris may want to consider renting a small dumpster or hiring a private hauling company.

Sauk Trail Hills

Development Landfill
(Redford residents receive a reduced fee at this location)
5011 S Lilley Road
Canton, MI 48188
Phone: 734-397-2623

Advanced Disposal

Arbor Hills Landfill
10690 W Six Mile Road
Northville, MI 48168
Toll-free number: 888-443-1717

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