Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The Redford Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was created through Act 197 of Public Acts of 1975 to be used as a “tool” by local communities in their efforts at downtown revitalization. The mission of the DDA is to nurture development and growth for businesses and residents. The DDA Board consists of the Township’s Chief Executive Officer and 8 community members — who come from a variety of backgrounds and bring unique perspectives to the continued development of Redford Township.

The Redford Township Downtown Development Authority has completed many development activities within the downtown area. One of these improvements was the transition of the former Redford District Library into the Redford Township Marquee, a community gathering and event space located near Township Hall. They also completed improvement to the Rose Garden park located on Beech Daly Rd. next to the Redford Jaycee Hall. These improvements included new columns, upgraded lighting, and new ornamental plants and trees.

Future proposed Downtown Development Authority projects include 5 Mile Rd. crosswalk improvements and pedestrian islands, as well as a non-motorized pathway located north of the downtown area. Additional project development and growth projects for Redford Township are always being pursued.

For more information, please visit the Redford Downtown Development Authority website.