Updated: 5-22-2014

About the Treasurer's Office

Lily Cavanagh was voted into office on November 20, 2008. The Treasurer has many duties as outlined by state law. She is the collector of all real and personal property tax. Based on the information provided by the Township Assessor, the Treasurer issues (Read More...)

Mission Statement

Lily Cavanagh

Lily Cavanagh

The duties of the TOWNSHIP TREASURER are fixed by state law. She is the custodian of all monies of the township and all evidences of value belonging to the township or held in trust by the township. She is also collector of school and county taxes. The Treasurer's Office collects and distributes taxes levied by the taxing bodies within Redford and Wayne County.




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tax amounts, payments, payment histories available,
copies of  bills, current water bills, assessed values, etc

March 1 all delinquent taxes are transferred to Wayne County for collection.

All water & tax payments are accepted at the Leo Snage Public Service Building, 12200 Beech Daly, Redford.

Drop boxes at 15145 Beech Daly and 12200 Beech Daly. Thank you for your patience and understanding, Lily Cavanagh, Treasurer


Attn: Redford Township Homeowners Delinquent Property Tax Assistance


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Taxes can be paid through the mail, or dropped at the township's drop box.
(Click Here to read more about Taxes)


When dealing with deferments, please view the determent application.pdf file located on the middle right of this website under the taxes icon to identify if you qualify for a tax deferment.
(Click Here to read more about Deferments)

Partial Payments

Summer taxes are due on September 14, however you have the ability to partially pay your tax bill until this date.
(Click Here to read more about Partial Payments)

Dog Licensing

During the Month of June we offer a Saturday Vaccination Program. Please check with us in April for details

Please Click Here to View more information on Dog Licensing.

Dog License Fees

$10.00 Fee Includes:
New Residents
New Dog
Puppy who just turned 4-6 months (w/rabies certificate)
Lost Tag

$30.00 Fee:

Action Center
The NEW "Action Center" allows citizens to maintain an open dialogue with their Township Government. Citizens can fill out and submit forms online to report incidents, provide feedback, request tours and more.
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Reports and Resources

We have recently turned on a website (BSA Software Internet Services) which will enable Redford Township citizens to view their information for Assessing, Tax, and Special Assessments.
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Tax Calculator

Under Construction

Tax Faq

Click Here to View Answers to Commonly asked Tax questions.

Millage Rates

2014 Millage Rates


12200 Beech Daly,
Redford, Michigan, 48239
Point-to-Point Driving Directions

Lily Cavanagh

Telephone: (313) 387-2740


Water Billing


Board of Trustees

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Information Pamphlet:
Welcome to a meeting of the
Charter Township of Redford

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Print the form, complete it and send it to:

Clerk's Office: Township Hall
15145 Beech Daly Road
Redford, Michigan 48239