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The Special Investigation Bureau or S.I.B. is responsible for conducting surveillance, undercover operations, street drug enforcement and investigations for a variety of narcotic related crimes, prostitution, gambling and liquor violations.

Types of Investigations Conducted by the S.I.B Include:

  1. Individuals and groups engaged in the sale of controlled substances.
  2. Individuals buying and selling controlled substances at street level.
  3. Prostitutes involved in illegal activity.
  4. Forfeiture investigations resulting from any of the above.

Other Services:

  1. Provide liaison contact and coordination of local, state and federal agencies during joint investigations.
  2. Provide support services to other narcotic units through shared intelligence, equipment and personnel during the execution of search and arrest warrants.
  3. Interview and interrogate individuals arrested for narcotic and related crimes.
  4. Provide support for drug awareness and prevention programs to the school children of Redford.

The Traffic Sgt.. is responsible for liquor enforcement and investigations. These investigations occur when there is a change in the ownership or type of liquor license an establishment has. The person buying into a liquor license has a background investigation and the source of funding must be provided as well as a lease and purchase agreement. The investigation is turned over to the Chief of Police, who then forwards his recommendation to the Township Board.

Forfeiture and seizure of property is also the responsibility of the S.I.B. Persons using cars or houses for growing, transporting, storage or distributing drugs, are subject to seizure, as well as any other property or monies that may be drug related.

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