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December 2013

Hello Neighbors!

            Happy holidays!  I can’t believe that there are only 23 shopping days left until Christmas!  Maybe you can get some of your gifts at Ole Fashioned Holidays this Thursday, where Redford Township welcomes Santa Claus to town?  Bring your kids out for a family friendly evening at the Redford Marquee, where there will be munchies, carriage rides, crafts, and of course, photos with the Big Guy, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.  Goodfellows will be on hand to collect donated toys and non-perishable food items to make sure there is “NO CHILD WITHOUT A CHRISTMAS” in Redford Township.

            Speaking of the holidays and shopping, take a moment to be extra cautious when you are out hitting the stores!  Ladies, do not leave your purses in the carts!  I know they can be heavy, but keep them on you so a nimble fingered thief doesn’t relieve you of your wallet.  Gentlemen, you are not immune to these bad guys.  Just this week, a man’s wallet was located in the street with the cash and credit cards missing.  Carry your wallets in an interior pocket if possible.  Once you get your new gifts home, please remember not to advertise your new surprises by making them visible front the front window.  A beautiful tree in the front window is a magnificent sight but keep the gifts hidden from view.  No need to let the thieves do some extra “window shopping!”  And finally, once the kids (both young and old) have opened all of their gifts, toss the boxes and packaging into black garbage bags before putting them to the curb.

            I would like to give a HUGE shout out to the residents of our Beech Daly Pickford Association who called in the suspicious activities of males jumping their fences carrying guns!  These Watchful residents not only recognized the obviously suspicious nature of these actions, but they also took the initiative to call 911 and give officers detailed descriptions of the suspects and direction of travel.  As most of you have heard from news accounts, this situation turned into a media spectacle as one of the suspects refused to exit the house.  Thankfully, this incident ended peacefully, and all of the suspects were taken into custody safely.  Official charges are still pending with the prosecutor’s office.  To those residents who took the time to call the police, I say “Thank you and keep up the great work!” 

            FRAUD ALERT!!!  That sleazy thief who convinced our elderly residents that he was a detective working on a sting to catch banks distributing counterfeit money, stealing thousands of dollars, has struck again!  We need to keep an eye on our parents and grandparents.  Watch what is going on around you at local banks.  The Redford Police Department has sent letters to local financial institutions advising them of the thefts and asking for their assistance in identifying this creep.  I am asking you for your help as well!  Please call the police with any information you may have on this suspect, or if you encounter any suspicious activities with your elderly relatives.  Even if you catch on to a possible scam and stop it from happening, stop in at the police station and file a quick report.  That small detail that does not seem important to you may be the one piece of the puzzle that is missing! 

            Redford Karate recently hosted a lucky group of Watch members at a self-defense seminar, where members learned how to escape from some common grabs that bad guys use, as well as some tips on how to make your homes safer.  In my opinion, the most important thing that Redford Karate owner Ray Johnson had to say was “Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be someplace you have no place being.”  What does that mean?  It means look up from your cell phone when you’re walking around.  Plan your activities so that you are not stopping for gas at 11:00 at night.  Your teenage daughter should not be making a run to 7-11 at 2:30 in the morning for anything.  While we should not ever feel afraid to live our lives, we all still need to make good decisions to make sure we come home to our families each night.  Anyone interested in a Neighborhood Watch self-defense seminar should contact their Captain to get one scheduled.  Redford Karate offers full classes in self-defense and you can check them out at www.redfordkarate.com

            If you are looking for one more way to become active in Redford Township and learn how to help your friends and neighbors, check out the newly formed Redford Jaycees CERT program!  CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team and is a program that is sponsored by FEMA, teaching residents how to be prepared for a variety of community disasters and how to be self-sufficient while public safety services are overwhelmed in response to that disaster.  The Redford Jaycees, with full support of the Redford Police and Fire Departments, took on the challenges of offering these courses to residents and organizing a team that will be ready to help out the community as a whole if Redford Township is faced with an event.  Take a look on the Redford Jaycees CERT Facebook page or contact them at redfordjayceescert@gmail.com for more information.

            Thank you for your generous donations to the Redford Goodfellows as volunteers braved the busy streets this weekend to trade newspapers for cash!  Keep up the giving and community spirit this holiday season.  And as always, Watch Out for each other!

Jennifer Mansfield
Police Officer
K-9 Unit, Police Explorers, Neighborhood Watch



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