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Our Redford Township Council of Neighborhood Associations was created to support our neighborhood associations. The purpose is to build strong, friendly neighborhood communities. All our associations work together in providing community-wide events that are entertaining to you and your family as residents of The Charter Township of Redford.

Included on the backside of this sheet is a list of established neighborhood associations including contact person(s) and neighborhood parameters. Please take a moment to review the listing.

If you locate a neighborhood association within your new neighborhood, call the contact person and check with them on the calendar of events that have been planned within your neighborhood.

No association in your neighborhood? Call The Council of Neighborhood Associations 387-2771

Are you interested in helping to start a new association in your neighborhood? Please call! Our goal is to expand the number of neighborhood associations to encompass the entire township. Working together, we can build a community where everyone has an enjoyable place to live.

A neighborhood association is an organized group of people who live in a specific area "neighborhood" and have a vested interest in improving the quality of life in their community. These people come together to reach common objectives that they establish as a group. These goals range from a simple weekly cleanup to creating a committee structure and developing a wide range of other monthly events.

When neighbors come together, lots of positive things can happen…

  • Sense of community is created
  • Common goals are established
  • Neighborhood's resources are used to their fullest
  • Shows the neighborhood is united
  • Improvements in the neighborhood happen quickly

Click on the colored areas for their association.

Map of Neighborhood Associations Plymouth Road Association Jefferson Neighborhood Association Grand Dale Association Telegraph Hazelton Association Western View Association Chesterfield Neighborhood Association Rogers Park Association Lola Park Neighborhood Association Western Heights Association Rogers Park Association CHESTERFIELD NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION WESTERN VIEW NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION TELEGRAPH HAZELTON GRAND DALE ASSOCIATION PLYMOUTH ROAD ASSOCIATION

Grand Dale Association

Elvera Boyce

W. of Beech Daly - E. of Inkster
N. of W. Chicago - S. of Plymouth

Grand Dale Gardens Association

E. of Beech Daly - W. of Telegraph
N. of W. Chicago - S. of Plymouth

Plymouth Road Association

Jeep Newton
G & G Auto
26136 Plymouth 48239
Plymouth Road
Beech Daly West to Inkster

Rogers Park Association

Kelsie Davis
Grand River Ave to Eight Mile
Beech Daly to Five Points

Telegraph Hazelton Association

Berline Brown

Arlene Funke
Telegraph to Hazelton
Plymouth to Joy Road

Western View Neighborhood Association

Maurice Peete; President
Gloria Kidd; Recording Secretary-General
Paul Prey; Treasurer
Madelyn Griffey; Financial Secretary
Ruth Heizer; General Meeting Administrator

Jefferson Neighborhood Association

Inkster to Beech Daly
Joy to West Chicago

Brady Block

Barbara Snyder
I96 to Glendale

Western Heights Association

Pam Lange
South of Five Mile
East of Inkster and West of Meadowbrook



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