Information Systems

Organization of the Department

Brian Pascoe LAN Administrator - Police Facility
David Schriefer LAN Administrator - Townhall Facility

About Information Systems

The Information Systems Department's main function is to provide and assist departments in creating innovative solutions to meet customer requirements. The department is looking for opportunities to use information technology to lead to service innovations in the interest of improved levels of service to the public. Information Systems is responsible for supporting the primary information resources for Township departments and maintaining the network and workstation architecture needed to provide access to use these information assets.

Personal Computers and Work Stations

In our area of responsibility there are over one hundred and fifty computers, notebooks and printers that are distributed throughout Township departments with almost all of them accessing the Townships computer network. There is a mix of brands and clones primarily running Windows. The network-connected PC is well established as the primary access point to Township information systems resources based on midrange systems and network servers. Information Systems installs, maintains and provides ongoing user support for all of the computer hardware, software, and peripherals at the users desktop. All of computer devices (PCs, printers, switches, hubs, routers, etc.) are managed by this department.


Access to all Township information resources is provided through enterprise network architecture. Most departments are linked on a common fiber backbone using 100 mbps fast ethernet switches. This interconnectivity facilitates efficient use of information resources and also serves as a key communications resource by extending electronic mail capabilities to a majority of Township employees. Windows, UNIX and AS400 products constitute the foundation of the Township's network environment, supporting network links for those more than 150 computer devices attached to one primary localarea network in the Township's government complex. Wide area network links using routers, switches, fiber, high speed modems, T1 connections to Wayne County and Time Warner for internet access. Several firewalls protect the computer network from outside influences. For security reasons, the specifics of the firewall have been intentionally left off of this web site. Information Systems is responsible for maintaining a secure and stable network environment which is flexible and scaleable to meet the changing needs of the Township.

Host Systems

One RS/6000 is located within the Police Building supporting all Police & Fire Systems, which includes; Police & Fire Incident Reporting and Dispatch functions.

There are other miscellaneous systems which assist both functions to facilitate their prime directive. Within the Townhall facility, there is an Alpha 1000 UNIX server, which holds much of the business applications and data for Finance, Budgeting, Payroll, etc. The HP Server, running Windows 2008, acts as the connection device, to link all systems together within the Township. There are other miscellaneous systems which are controlled by Information Systems that support various departments; such as the Clerk's Office. They have the State QVF system, which is connected to the main computer in Lansing.

Future Directions

Information Systems serves as a consultant and strategic partner to all Township departments to develop technical solutions in support of business functions. The information technology environment continues to evolve towards increased openness and integration between systems. This translates into the potential for increased productivity through effective implementation of investments in technology.

With our current budgeting constraints much of our technology initiatives are on hold. Once we are allowed to perform those primary directives, we will be evaluating several projects, such as GIS, network enhancements, imaging, expansion of Internet utilization to improve public access to Township information, mobile computing, etc.


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