Redford Township Trustees

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Trustee Adam D. Bonarek

Adam D. Bonarek

Professional Occupation: COO and Partner, Coeus Creative Group
Other Organizations:
Redford Jaycees
Redford Chamber of Commerce
Junior Chamber International
(C.E.R.T.) Community Emergency Response Team
Neighborhood Watch
Measure for Measure: A Men's Choral Society
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church
MBA, Eastern Michigan University
BA, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Goals for Township:
Stabilize Public Safety:  We need a sustainable approach to funding the Police and Fire Departments, a defined plan of action on how to handle high number of retirements and vacancies over the next two years, and to decide what to do when the SAD expires in 4 years.

Economic Development:  To work with the Chamber of Commerce, the DDA and the business community to develop a targeted business recruitment plan
Length of Township Residency: Redford Resident since 2011
Hobbies: Reading, music, singing, theater and travel
Favorite Political Leader or Role Model:
Muckrakers.  While they are often unpopular and tend to bring up issues that would be easier or simpler to ignore, the importance of the role they play - or can play - in identifying areas of need and corruption cannot be ignored.  Especially today, when anyone with a Facebook account or Twitter handle can post whatever they want online, whether factual or not, and see it go viral on social media within hours if not minutes, the need for dedicated and informed citizens armed with the fact and not opinion is all the more critical.
Trustee Linda K. Jackson

Linda K. Jackson

Professional Occupation: Executive Director of Not-For-Profit-Organization
Other Organizations:

Michigan Democratic Party (MDP)
National Democratic Party
Redford Democratic Party
Redford Seniors
Family Status: 2 children, 2 grandsons
Education: Graduate of Wayne State University; B.S. in Accounting
Goals for Township: Ensure that the residents have trust and confidence in the Trustee Board by governing with honesty and transparency.
Length of Township Residency: Redford resident since 2010
Hobbies: Reading; favorite author, David Baldacci
Favorite Political Leader or Role Model: Michelle Obama, she is smart, elegant and quietly powerful.
Trustee Kangas

Elizabeth Kangas

Trustee Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor

Professional Occupation: Manager of the family business, Homeline Appliance, since 1992
Other Organizations:

Redford Jaycees
Redford Chamber of Commerce
(C.E.R.T.) Community Emergency Response Team
Family Status: Married to Brian Taylor:27 years, 2 children
Education: Graduate of Bentley High School, Livonia, MI
Goals for Township:

To create more transparency, communication and organization within the Board and Town Hall.  To create better communication with our residents.  To improve public safety for both the residents and our first responders; helping to make their jobs safer.  To find new ways to tackle blight; both in our neighborhoods and businesses.
Length of Township Residency: Redford resident since 1989
Bird watching, gardening, cooking.  Proud graduate of Redford's 1st, 2016 Citizen's Police Academy.  Coordinator for the Ashcroft Community Garden.
Favorite Political Leader or Role Model:


Jon Stewart;  Jon Stewart was a truth teller.  Informing the public of what/who was behind the curtain pulling the levers. Showing you the other side of things, is a goal that he and I share.  Jon shined a beacon of light into the darkest places and he did so with humor and intelligence.  One of my favorite quotes of Jon's is, "The best defense against the bull--t is vigilance.  So if you smell something, say something."  Honesty, integrity and transparency, these are the things I hold dear.  I'm nowhere near as funny as Jon.  Maybe, someday.