Household Trash, Recycling & Large or Bulky Item Pickup

Curbside household garbage, recycling and large or bulky item collection services are provided for Township residents through a contract with a private waste hauler, GFL USA. Collection is performed on different days of the week (M-F) which may include Saturday if your pick-up day is normally a Friday and a holiday falls on Friday. If a holiday falls on your regular pick-up day then your pick-up will be the following day. Please make sure that your carts, recycle cans or bags are placed at the road no earlier than 6:00 pm the night before or no later than 6:00 am on the morning of your collection day. The 96 gallon household garbage & 64 gallon recycle wheeled carts will be picked up, please make sure they are facing the correct way. Residents must supply their own cans or bags for yard clippings and they may not exceed a 35 gallon capacity nor weigh more than 45 pounds when filled. Anything in cardboard boxes is not acceptable. All wheeled carts, recycle cans and bags must be set adjacent to the street (next to the driveway but not in the street).  After your carts & cans are emptied they must be removed from the curb by evening of that collection day.

Large or Bulky Items:  As part of our current waste hauling contract (July 1, 2017 thru June 30, 2022) GFL will collect along with your weekly trash and recycling, two (2) large or bulky items per week.  These items include furniture, carpet, mattresses, and other similar household items.  Anything over the two (2) item limit will not be picked up and you may not leave them at the road until the following week or you may receive a ticket from the Ordinance Department.  If you have additional questions as to whether a particular item is acceptable please contact the Customer Services office for GFL at 844-464-3587. 

Do not place the following items in with your household trash, as they are not acceptable:

Chemicals, fertilizers, oil, gasoline, gas cans, disposable LP gas tanks, auto parts or tires, construction materials, contractor's debris, concrete or rocks, bricks, dirt, sod, bales of hay, liquid solvents, glues, car batteries, or paints. Absolutely no tires will be picked up. Only latex paint is allowed to be placed in with your household trash but it must be completely dried out.  

Click here to view a "Resource Recovery Guide" published by Wayne County Public Services with information on ways to dispose of or recycle some of these unacceptable items.

Holiday Collection Schedule: Residents should be aware that collection will not be made on the legal holidays noted below only when they occur on a weekday (Monday thru Friday). When one of these holidays occurs on a weekday collection for the remaining days of that week only will be delayed by one (1) day, which means collection for Friday areas will be made on Saturday.

New Years Day      Labor Day
Memorial Day   Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day   Christmas Day


Curbside Recycling:  Redford Township encourages all residents to recycle and help reduce the volume of trash that goes into landfills and hold costs down.  Weekly recycling roadside collection takes place the same day that your regular household trash is picked up.  Remember to make sure the garbage and recycle cans are at the curb, facing the correct way so that the truck arm can pick it up and empty it.