Branch Chipping

We suggest that residents who have a large amount of branches, that may need chipping, contact a local tree service company who can provide them with this service. Also, the local Redford Chamber of Commerce, (313) 535-0960 may be able to recommend a local business that could provide this service.

Landscape and Tree Service Contractors are responsible for the removal of all tree materials remaining as a result of their work.

Another alternative (if you only have a small amount of branches, twigs or shrubs and they are less than 1.5" in diameter) is to cut them into lengths of 4 feet or less and tie them into "small" bundles or place them into marked yard waste receptacles. Bundles of branches are limited to no more than four (4) a week if you leave them for pickup by GFL, (844) 464-3587, the Township’s private waste hauler, on the day of your regular trash pickup.