Assessor's Office
15145 Beech Daly
Redford Township, MI 48239

Phone:  313-387-2730
Fax:  313-387-2626
Email:  assessing@redfordtwp.com

Assessor's Office Notice

The Assessing Department will be offering a make-up 2020 Board of Review, date from the March 13, 2020 postponement. Appeals will be conducted via telephone, March 30th from 1pm - 4pm. The only appeals that will be heard are those that were previously scheduled for March 13th then postponed, as well as any write-in appeals that were received prior to 4pm on March 13th.


Upon conclusion of the March 30th Board, the Assesor's Office will no longer be providing day to day support until Redford Township resumes business to non-essential service staff.

Our contact information is assessing@redfordtwp.com.

About the Assessing Office
The Assessor's office maintains records for each parcel of land in the Township. Information is provided to residents and the business community regarding property description, value and homestead exemption status. The Assessor's office also handles the Township Board of Review in March of each year. The Board of Review hear appeals from property owners who believe their assessment is incorrect. The March Board of Review dates are printed on the Assessment Change Notice that is mailed to each property owner in late February of each year.


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2014 Business Personal Property Changes

IMPORTANT NOTICE - P.A. 415 of 1994 states that the new owner of a property must file a Property Transfer Affidavit within 45 days of the transfer. If the Property Transfer Affidavit is not timely filed a penalty of $5/day (maximum of $200) applies. Please be advised that Redford Township is now collecting this penalty. This penalty will be assessed on the winter tax bill.