Dial-A-Ride: The Redford Connector

Need a ride? Take the bus; it is the SMART way to go. The Township’s Redford Connector offers curb-to-curb bus service throughout the community and selected locations outside of Redford.

Call (313) 387-2770 to arrange transportation. You must call at least one day in advance and all service is available on a first come first serve basis.

The Charter Township of Redford and SMART have developed a bus system that works for Redford residents. Our Redford Connector knows the challenges that come with the lack of transportation and we are trying to address it.

It is necessary to have reliable transportation in order to stay independent. The Redford Connector does just that, it enables someone to remain in his or her home and still get all his or her needs met.

The Redford Connector tailors its schedule so that seniors can get to their appointments. Many of our clients get medical services outside of Redford, therefore the Connector will go to the local hospitals such as: Botsford General Hospital, Garden City Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and selected others.

The bus service takes riders to the local grocery store, hairdresser, Redford Community Center, etc. The Redford Connector will take the riders anywhere in Redford.

Rose Kazmer and Stella Paule believe the bus service is very beneficial. “We couldn’t live without it,” Kazmer stated. The riders have suggested several trips, such as breakfast & a movie or a trip to an arts & crafts show. “The Redford Connector takes our ideas for trips seriously,” said Paule.

The Connector has schedule trips to the area malls (Tel-Twelve, Wonderland, Livonia or Meijers.) Schedules are available by calling the office at (313) 387-2770.

The bus runs Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Redford seniors ride for free, all other seniors and handicap persons are charged $1.00 per trip and general public is charge $2.00 per trip. Call for more information (313) 387-2770.

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The Redford Connector

Telephone: (313) 387-2770