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Garth Christie

Garth Christie is a life-long resident of Redford and an honor graduate from Thurston High School, the University of Michigan Dearborn (B.A.), and Wayne State University (J.D.). He is a member in good standing of the State Bar of Michigan.

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Feature Story

Citizenship - May 2014
     by Garth Christie, MMC


This year, Memorial Day is on May 26. Prior to 1971, citizens celebrated this holiday on May 30 for about a century. Congress wanted to create another 3-day weekend – a move popular with voters – when they passed the National Holiday Act designating the Fourth Monday of May as Memorial Day.

An unintended consequence of that Act has been a substantial undermining of the basic reason for this holiday, i.e., honoring those who gave their lives that the nation might live. Efforts by veterans and other patriots to restore meaning to Memorial Day by restoring it to its traditional date have failed. Consequently, the best way to give this holiday its due respect is a review of its importance in history.

The roots of Memorial Day can be traced back to an earlier observance, Decoration Day, which was born during the Civil War era. On the first anniversary of the Confederate attack on Fort Sumpter, April 12, 1862, a group of Michiganders traveled to Arlington Heights Cemetery and decorated the graves of fallen soldiers with wild flowers.

Tiny, Boalsburg, Pa., is one of over two dozen communities claiming to be the birthplace of Memorial Day, first decorating the graves of Union soldiers on October 10, 1864.

Conversely, congress honored the village of Waterloo, NY, as the Official birthplace in 1966. Waterloo held its first observance on May 5, 1866. In addition to decorating the graves of the fallen with bouquets, wreaths and crosses, that celebration included, processions to and from cemeteries, military music, speeches and prayers. Thus, they established the paradigm for subsequent observances, called Decoration Day until 1882 and then Memorial Day until now.

In 1873, New York was the first state to legally establish May 30 as Memorial Day and by 1890, all Northern states were on board. The states of the former Confederacy were not far behind and Memorial Day became a nation-wide holiday honoring all citizens who lost their lives fighting for our country.

For too many citizens, the true importance of Memorial Day is lost in the fun of the 3-day weekend. Too often we take for granted our freedoms which were paid for with the lives of other citizens. This is wrong. We must remember individually and as a country the ultimate sacrifice paid by our fellow citizens so that we can live in peace and freedom. This is a civic obligation as well as a personal one.

Personally, I ask readers to join me in remembering my Uncle, Darwin Dale Christie, Private, United States Army Infantry. Darwin was born on Armistice Day, November 11, 1919, and killed on Okinawa on Victory in Europe Day, May 8, 1945. My father, who was a Corporal in the Army Air Corps, told me that his brother returned exhausted, after an extensive reconnaissance of enemy positions gathering critical information for a future counterattack, and took his helmet off. His blond head caught the eye of a Japanese sniper. Two years after his death, Uncle Darwin was honored for his bravery with internment in Arlington National Cemetery.

I urge all citizens to honor those who gave their full measure of devotion to our country this Memorial Day.

Note: Garth Christie served in the Marine Infantry during Desert Storm.


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