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Garth Christie

Garth Christie is a life-long resident of Redford and an honor graduate from Thurston High School, the University of Michigan Dearborn (B.A.), and Wayne State University (J.D.). He is a member in good standing of the State Bar of Michigan.

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Feature Story

August 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Here we are in the grasp of the “dog days” of summer, a term that has been used for the hottest most unbearable weeks of the season for centuries even though dogs obviously don’t enjoy this weather. Years ago my Norwegian Elkhound Thor retreated from the heat and took refuge in the basement bathroom by cuddling up next to the toilet. Now, even though my German Shepherd won’t leave my side for the downstairs toilet, Autobahn hates the extreme heat as well. So why do we blame this miserable weather on dogs?

The origins for this term may be found in ancient Greek mythology and literature. The constellation “Canis Major” represents Orion’s dog. The brightest star of this constellation, Sirius, would rise at just about the same time as the sun during the hottest weeks of the year. The exact weeks varied but most often they were between mid-July and mid or late August. This was thought to be an evil time when seas boiled, wine turned sour, dogs grew mad and man was susceptible to disease, burning fever, hysterics and phrensies. Homer refers to this in the Illiad: “Sirius . . . Orion’s dog they call it, brightest of all, but an evil portent, bringing heat and fevers to suffering humanity.”

Modern science has absolved dogs of all responsibilities for the evils of the dog days of summer and revealed new concerns over what this weather can do made famous by ozone action days.

Everyone remembers from high school chemistry class that ozone is a triatomic molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. Thus, it is much less stable than the diatomic variety.

We also remember that ozone does not naturally occur at ground level; rather, it is created through a chemical reaction analogous to baking a cake. The key ingredients are oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds. These are pollutants emitted by cars, power plants, gasoline vapors, chemical solvent fumes and others. Certain weather conditions are necessary to “cook” these ingredients into ozone, conditions prevalent during the dog days – bright sun, high heat and humidity and minimal wind. Instead of a chocolate cake we get ozone.

Exposure to ground level ozone can aggravate asthma, reduce lung capacity and increase susceptibility to respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and bronchitis. Repeated exposure to ozone can cause permanent lung damage. Symptoms include burning inflamed lungs, coughing and wheezing. The very young, very old and people who work or exercise outside are most at risk. It is also harmful to plants making them more susceptible to disease, insects and reduces crop yields.

During this particularly hot stretch of summer don’t blame your dog. Keep him in a cooler place and give plenty of water. Use common sense for your own outdoor activities and curtail, refrain or delay activities that would increase your exposure to ozone or the production of it.


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