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The Redford Township Tax Department generates tax bills twice a year for over 24,000 customers. The Tax Department is staffed with one account clerk along with the Deputy Treasurer. Summer tax bills are mailed July 1st with a due date of 9/14. Winter tax bills are mailed December 1st with a due date of 2/14. The Township Board may vote to extend the winter tax due date through 2/28 without additional penalties. There is no guarantee the due date will be extended. To determine if it was extended, this page will be updated with that information. Property tax payments can only be accepted from July 1st through February 28th of the following year. Any delinquencies are transferred to the Wayne County Treasurer in March every year. Payment must then be made payable to the Wayne County Treasurer and directed to them. Wayne County does add additional penalties and interest when they receive delinquent tax bills. To contact Wayne County, please call (313) 224-5990.

For questions regarding your tax bill call (313) 387-2611 or (313) 387-2746. If you have questions regarding your Taxable Value on your home and want to discuss how the value was determined, please contact the Assessor’s Office at (313) 387-2730 or view their portion of the website by clicking here.


When making a payment on your taxes, you must have the original bill. Title companies, tax servicing and management companies as well as third parties, must submit the ORIGINAL tax bill with payment. Payments without an original bill are subject to a duplicate bill fee of $5.00 per parcel, per tax season. Online printouts from BS&A, screenshots or photos of tax bills are not considered original bills and will not be accepted in place of the original bill. Payments without the additional fee will be returned to the customer without the payment being processed. Landlords who are not receiving bills at their current address are encouraged to contact the Assessor’s Office at (313) 387-2730 to update their mailing address.


Redford Township recommends that taxpayers retain the top portion of their tax bill in order to report the amount of taxes paid on their income tax return. Customers who have an escrow account with their mortgage company receive informational copies of their tax bill for this purpose.

If you are unable to locate your copies, Redford Township maintains 10 years’ worth of tax information on our website that is accessible for free by clicking here. Please note for more detailed information, be sure to click on the triangle to the left of the tax year. This will provide you with a breakdown of all the millage amounts, any special assessments along with the taxable value and SEV of your property. Residents can also get a copy of this same information at the Public Services Building where property tax payments are accepted. There is a small charge of $1 per tax year for printing this information.


The Tax Department no longer holds any outside special assessments. For payoff amounts on sidewalk assessments, violations, grass cutting, tickets or nuisance abatement invoices, contact the Building Department at (313) 387-2680 or email building@redfordtwp.com and centralmaintenance@redfordtwp.com.



In Person:   

Bring the original tax bill to the Leo Snage Public Services Building located at 12200 Beech Daly. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Township offices are closed for most national holidays.

By Mail:

Payments can be mailed with a check or money order. Return envelopes are provided with the tax bills. If you do not have the return envelope, payments should be mailed to:

Tax Department                                                    

12200 Beech Daly                         

Redford, MI  48239

Drop Box:

Drop boxes are available for check or money order payments (NO CASH payments in either drop box) at both the Public Services Building and Town Hall. The drop box at the Public Services Building is attached to the corner of the building. The Town Hall drop box is freestanding and is located on the sidewalk behind the building. Please do not use these drop boxes for any absentee ballots. There is a designated drop box for ballots during elections at Town Hall.

Credit Card Payments by Phone:

Payment can be made with a credit or debit card by calling (313) 387-2670 and selecting option #3. This is an automated service and you must have your parcel number in order to make the payment and specify summer or winter taxes. There is always a convenience fee of 3% of the amount you are paying that is collected by the credit card processor. Redford Township does NOT receive any portion of these fees.

Online Credit Card Payments:

Click here to make a credit card payment online.  The same credit card fees apply as stated under phone payments.

Online E-Check Payments:

Payment can be made via e-check through your checking account for an additional fee of $3.00 up to a payment of $10,000. Payments over $10,000 will incur a fee of $10.00. Click here to make a payment through your checking account online.

DivDat Kiosks:

There is a DivDat kiosk in the lobby of the Leo Snage Public Services Building that accepts payment for tax bills but only through the original due date printed on the bill. The DivDat system is a free payment method for cash and checks.  There is a service fee for credit and debit cards. The kiosk does not give change and does not accept cashier’s checks or money orders. Residents are encouraged to round their payment up to the next dollar to avoid any penalties. Please be aware that it will scan and return your check to you once it is processed. DivDat also offers a mobile app that accepts e-check payments for free. Search for DivDat in the Apple Store or Google Play to download it to your mobile device. Please be aware that any check that DivDat cannot withdraw is considered a non-sufficient funds transaction and will be subject to additional fees.