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Lily Cavanagh
Phone:  313-387-2748
Email:  treasurer@redfordtwp.com 

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Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer has many duties, as outlined by state law:

  • Collector of all real and personal property tax.  Based on the information provided by the Township Assessor, the Treasurer issues the real and personal property tax bills on the property and business owners in Redford Township on July 1st and December 1st.
  • Custodian of all monies of the township and all evidence of value belonging to the township or held in trust by the township.
  • Collector of all delinquent personal property tax and any jeopardy assessments.  All monies must be deposited in approved depositories and invested in board approved investment vehicles.

The Treasurer is also a member of the Police and Fire Retirement System Board.  This board manages the Police and Fire Pension Fund with the assistance of outside professional actuarial and financial consultants.  It is managed in accordance with sound actuarially-determined standards.

The Treasurer is committed to making the tax and water collection departments run as efficiently and as customer friendly as possible.

Further extension is offered to qualifying taxpayers who apply for the Winter Deferment. To qualify a resident must be one of the following:  senior citizen at least 62 years of age; paraplegic, quadriplegic or totally and permanently disabled; legally blind; currently serving in the military, veteran or surviving spouse (meeting specific qualifying circumstances) with an income limit of $40,000.  The guidelines Redford Township follows in determining eligibility are set by the Michigan Department of Treasury.

In addition, please provide a copy of his/her “Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim” form (MI-1040CR) that has been completed, signed and shows that a refund is due with the Treasury Dept. of the State of Michigan and to the Redford Township Tax Office. The Tax Office must receive this form by February 14 to apply for the Winter Tax deferment.

Tax deferred payments from March 1 through April 30 are payable to Eric Sabree, Wayne County Treasurer.  Payments must be made no later than April 30 to avoid penalty and interest on any outstanding balance.

For additional information, please call 313-387-2611.  Individuals who fail to make payments by the due dates will be subject to penalties and interest.

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Tax and water payments may be made:

In Person - 
(Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm)  
Leo Snage Public Services Building
12200 Beech Daly
Redford Township
Mail to -
12200 Beech Daly
Redford Township, MI 48239
Via Drop Box
Town Hall                                OR
15145 Beech Daly
Redford Township


Leo Snage Public Services Building
12200 Beech Daly
Redford Township

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By Phone
Using Point & Pay**
Call 866-739-0470
By Automatic ACH Withdrawal
Come in to fill out paperwork at the Leo Snage Public Services Building


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