About the Supervisor's Office

The Office of the Township Supervisor is a flurry of activity!

State law and Charter Township Act outline the statutory duties of the Supervisor.  These duties include assessing; preparation and delivery of the annual budget to the Board of Trustees; appoints some commissioners and calls special meetings.  Supervisor Tracey Schultz Kobylarz also serves the township as the chief law enforcement official and chief personnel officer.  With the exceptions of departments directly under the supervision of the clerk or treasurer, all personnel and departments report to her.  She is also an ex-officio member of all committees and commissions.

If that doesn't sound like a full day, please also include the organizations and community groups our Supervisor actively participates in.  Some of these organizations include Conference of Western Wayne, SEMCOG, 8 Mile boulevard association, Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority and the several charities.

Providing children and families with opportunities for good education, recreation and housing is a cornerstone of her administration.  Superior Kobylarz is the founder of the Redford Partnering Team whose mission is to engage in collaborative and cooperative partnerships with "Build a Better Redford."  She is also an active participation with the non-denominational ad-hoc group called One Redford whose mission is to build strong and personal relationships between residents, safety officers, elected officials, and members of the faith community in order to prevent racial and civil unrest.