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Central Maintenance

The Central Maintenance Department is a division of the Township's Public Services Department and is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of municipal buildings & grounds and the 13 Township parks, street sweeping, set up & clean up of special events/festivals/parades, special cleanup projects, delivery & set up of election voting equipment, maintenance and repairs of all Township vehicles and any other duties that concern the general operation of the Township such as reporting non-working streetlights & traffic signals and street signs that need replacing to the appropriate responsible agencies.

The Central Maintenance Department works in coordination with GFL Environmental USA, the Township’s private waste hauler, as to the weekly garbage, recycling, yard waste & large or bulky item pickup services.  This Department is also responsible for the cleanup of large amounts of items left in the right-of-ways of the Township left as a result of move outs or evictions that our private waste hauler is not responsible for cleaning up.

In addition, the Central Maintenance Department also coordinates and runs any scheduled household hazardous and/or electronic waste collections in the Township. 

Guidelines for Disposal of Refuse - Recycling - Yard Waste - Large or Bulky Items

About the Central Maintenance Department
The Central Maintenance Department is responsible for:

    Maintenance and upkeep of municipal buildings and grounds
    The Township's 13 parks
    Maintaining the baseball, softball and soccer fields
    Setup and clean up the special events, festivals, parades
    Street sweeping and special cleanup projects
    Delivery and setup of election voting equipment
    Maintenance and repairs of all Township vehicles
    Working with the Township’s private waste hauler, regarding the weekly garbage, recycling, compost/yard
    waste & large or bulky item pickup services.
    Sponsoring & coordinating household hazardous waste collection day
    Sponsoring & coordinating electronic waste collection day

The staffing for this Department includes 1 mechanic and 2 maintenance workers