Code Enforcement

To report a code violation please call to 387-2680 or the Pride line at 387-2604

What is a Violation?

The Code of Enforcement Officers are looking for the following eight conditions throughout the Township:

Yard Maintenance

Overgrown weeds, bushes, trees, grass, and vegetation are fire & safety hazards. Yard maintenance is the responsibility of every property owner, this includes the maintenance of any right or way abutting property. Grass must be maintained. All shrubs in the right of way and on the property must be maintained. The branches of any tree extending over any public sidewalk, street or other public way should be trimmed so they do not obstruct vision of the travel of motorists and people. All dead trees and vegetation must be removed and property disposed.

Inoperable Motor Vehicles

Inoperable Motor Vehicles are not allowed on property. An inoperable vehicle is a vehicle that is not equipped with all parts that are required to legally and safely operate on the public streets and/or cannot be driven under its own power.

Outside Storage


Outside Storage in a residential zone is not allowed. Generally, any equipment, building or landscaping materials; parts/auto parts; appliances; or any scrap items may not be stored. You may store boats, campers and other similar personal items in the rear yard in an area approved by the Department of Building and Safety Engineering.

Fences in Disrepair

Fencing and screening walls must be sound and made from approved materials. They also must be weather tight and free from deterioration and blight. No fences are allowed in the front yard. Fences must comply with the local ordinance.


There are limits to the amount of yard area that can be used for a driveway or parking. Parking vehicles anywhere other than these designated areas may be a violation. Designated parking areas must be maintained. For further information call (313)387-2680.


Graffiti must be removed from all sidewalks, walls, fences, signs, and other structures. This is the responsibility of the property owner.

Junk, Litter, and Debris

Junk, Litter, and Debris cannot be left in the yard. It must be disposed of properly. This includes junk auto parts, appliances, furniture, building and/or landscaping material and tires; litter such as discarded paper, cardboard, plastics, etc; debris such as tree trimmings, and fallen tree limbs; or any other items that have been discarded.

Open Vacant Buildings


Open Vacant Buildings are the responsibility of the property owner. The property owner must maintain their buildings, structures and grounds. Windows, doors, and other openings must be kept secure so they cannot be opened from the outside. A property owner may be required to board up a building/structure if it becomes vacant and is not secure. Accessory building/structures on the property such as storage sheds and garages, also must be secured.