Fire Department F.A.Q.

Does the Fire Department provide station tours?
Yes.  Call 313-387-2635 to schedule a tour during normal business hours.

How do I schedule a speaker on Fire Safety?
Call 313-387-2638

How do I dispose of old smoke detectors?
If the detector is an older ionization model, you should dispose of it during the Household Hazardous Waste Collection held each year, usually in May.

Where can I service my fire extinguisher?
There are several fire extinguisher companies listed in the Yellow Pages.

When will I get my power back on?
Detroit Edison works to address the hazardous areas where downed lines are a threat to life and property. When the safety factors have been addressed, Detroit Edison works as quickly as possible to restore power. Click here for more information.

What do I do about wires arcing?
Call 911 immediately.

Does the Fire Department inspect installed child car seats?

Does the Fire Department give CPR training and/or First Aid classes?

Why are the sirens going off?
The early warnings systems test occurs the first Saturday of every month at 1 pm.  The three-minute test, which features a loud "whooping" sound, is accompanied by an override of the local cable television system alerting viewers that the siren blast is only a test.  In the event of a real emergency - such as a tornado warning - residents hearing the city-wide siren are urged to tune into a radio or television to learn more information.  Residents are reminded NOT to call 911 when the siren is sounded unless there is an actual emergency situation.

My carbon monoxide detector is going off, what should I do?
If any family member is feeling dizzy or nauseous, call 911 immediately.  If you feel fine, open the windows, check all appliances and call your gas company.  If you are ever in doubt regarding an emergency, call 911.  

If my mother or father is suffering from chest pains or someone in my family is unconscious, what should I do?
Call 911 immediately and a rescue squad will be dispatched.  For these types of calls we dispatch a fire engine and a rescue.  The rescues are staffed with 2 paramedics.  The Fire Engines are staffed with 2 or 3 paramedics.  If the person call 9111 portrays an incident which sounds like a serious medical emergency to the dispatcher, both a rescue squad and an engine are sent.  The Redford Township Firefighters are bringing the emergency room to you.  When you are in an emergency room at a hospital, there are multiple people helping a critically ill patient.  Firefighters/paramedics are no different.  They also need to have multiple personnel on scene to adequately provide the highest level of services for the patient.