Glenhurst Golf Course
Glenhurst Golf Course

Celebrating 81 years of Golf
Established in 1932

25345 W. 6 Mile Road
Redford, Michigan 48240
Point-to-Point Driving Directions
Phone:  313-592-8758
Golf & Clubhouse Hours:
     Sunrise to Sunset


Glenhurst Golf Course

From farmhouse to clubhouse, from fields to fairways Glenhurst Golf Course was established and opened to the public May 28, 1932. Owned by Redford Township since 1989 and is still being managed and operated by the third generation of the Hawthorne family. Glenhurst is the busiest 18 hole public golf course in the State of Michigan.

Hills, valleys and old trees highlight this course. Golfers understand that nothing can take the place of time when it comes to mellowing a golf course, and Glenhurst, like a fine wine, is aged to perfection. No matter where you stop your cart there will always be a friendly old tree close, offering shade from the scorching sun. One tree, guarding the convergence of four holes in the middle of the course, stands particularly tall among it peers. According to the plaque near the giant, beautifully shaped old oak, the tree had been there since the American Revolution.

Pro Shop

Our pro shop offers golf balls, shirts, hats, gloves, umbrellas, golf accessories and ditty bags. Special order golf bags are available.


Glenhurst Golf Course, on Six Mile Road in Redford, was part of an 80 acre farm owned by Thomas Paulger since 1854. In the early 1930's, a banker in Redford and husband to one of Mr. Paulger's granddaughters suggested a golf course to replace the farm that was no longer profitable. Three granddaughters of Mr. Paulger, along with their husbands Walter Nacker, Clayton Nacker, and Dewy Hawthorne all agreed to the golf course and they became Glenhurst's original family owners. The original course was completed May 28,1932 and has been redesigned three times since then with twenty-two additional acres added. Over the years, numerous developers have attempted to purchase the golf course for alternative land development. In 1989, with assistance from the DNR trust fund money, Glenhurst was purchased by Redford Township. The assistance from the DNR included a pledge from Redford to maintain the property as a recreational golf course facility.



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