Traffic Hearings

*If you would like to schedule a Traffic Hearing please contact the Court, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:15 pm at (313)387-2790.

* If you do not respond to your Traffic Ticket within 14 days from the date the ticket is issued, your ticket will default and you will lose your right to any hearing. 

* If you would like to pay your Traffic Citation please click here

Civil Infraction Conference: A Civil Infraction Conference provides a traffic offender with the opportunity to meet with a Police Representative to discuss the citation. The officer that issued the ticket will not be present at this hearing and the offender will not see a judge. 

Informal Hearing: At an informal hearing the traffic offender and the officer that issued the citation will appear before a 17th District Court Judge. The offender does not have the right to have an attorney at this hearing. Any witnesses listed on the citation will be subpoenaed for this hearing. The officer may amend any ticket to its original charge. After hearing each parties account the Judge will determine if the traffic offender is responsible for the offense. If found responsible the Judge will impose the penalties as allowed by law, including a fine and costs. Points may be assessed by the Secretary of State. If the Judge determines an individual is not responsible, the ticket will be dismissed.

Formal Hearing: At a Formal Hearing, you may hire an attorney to represent you. Either you or your attorney will meet with the Prosecutor before the hearing is held. If a Formal Hearing is held, it will be conducted in a manner similar to a trial. If a hearing is conducted and you are found responsible, the judge will impose the penalties as allowed by law.