Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a Court Date?

You must appear for court on the date and time you are scheduled.  Failure to appear will result in a bench warrant. If you have failed to appear for your court date, you may turn yourself in to the court any Monday through Friday at 8:30 am unless otherwise noted in accordance with the court's Turn In Policy.  Please bring any documentation with you that may explain your absence for a judge to review.

Can I get a payment plan?

According to statute all fines and costs are due on the date of sentencing.  If you require a payment plan, please be prepared to show any documentation related to your income and expenditures. The court has a limited number of payment plans available.  If you'd like to see if you qualify for a payment plan, you may call the court to learn about your options at (313) 387-2790.   

What is a bond and why must I post it?

A bond is posted as an assurance that you will appear in court. If you are required to post bond, your money will be returned to you or applied to your fines and costs at sentencing.  If you fail to appear after posting bond, your bond will be forfeited.  Only the judge has the authority to reinstate a forfeited bond. 

What if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about the outcome of your case, you have the right to appeal. However, there are time limits for when an appeal must be filed.  Please consult an attorney regarding the process for filing an appeal.  

If you have a complaint about the officer that arrested you or gave you a ticket, you may file your complaint at the Redford Township Police department.  

If you have a complaint about any court staff, you may place your complaint in writing and mail it to the court or ask to speak with a supervisor.  

How can I make a payment after hours?

After hours payments may be made online here, by using our 24 hr. kiosk located in the court's vestibule, or by placing payment in the court's dropbox located in the kiosk in the court's vestibule.

What if I have a disability and need special assistance?

The court will make reasonable accommodations when possible for any individual needing special assistance.  In order to receive assistance please contact the Court Administrator  at (313) 387-2794.  For more information on the ADA in courts click here.

What if I don't speak English?

If you are unable to speak English, the court will provide an interpreter for you.  The court uses many different resources to communicate with those with Limited English Proficiency.  For more information please contact the Court Administrator at (313) 387-2794.  You can also find more information here.

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